[June 2020] A Getaway – Starting Point

Mixed technique on canvas panel 10 x 10 cm

[In the context of my offsite residency at no barking aRt and the call for A World Without End]

What does Ōsugi Sakae have in common with Bastet and what are they looking for in Caatinga? How did the name of Ohitika jump off the studio walls where Margot Peters was posing for young painters? When and why did Charley lose a piece of his right ear? What stands between obesity and permafrost? Where did Hipparchia come from and why should we care? To all such questions the answer is the same: Everyone longs for a getaway.

During a chaotic exploration of space and time, I will be working on unlikely combinations translating them into artworks and short texts. This is not a pre-booked tour but a free-arts trip into equations of randomness. My luggage will contain secondhand books, my habitual drifting, words of imaginary friends, street experiences and a few souvenirs from the Balkan peninsula.

From June through December 2020, a new work of this series will be published on arteslivres.com every month and, at the end of this experimental route, all 7 paintings and texts will join together as a limited edition.

Each original piece is a ticket out of the standstill we are experiencing and an invitation for travelling to uncharted destinations, where mixed-media painting and asymmetric poetry intersect with open secrets and condensed time.

Special thanks to Shizico Yi and the rest of the crew at no barking aRt.

And don’t forget: Neither fine nor bad. Merely free arts.